Visitant Live // Kudo-chan
Visitant Live // Kudo-chan


Visitant Recordings is happy to present the second entry in our live tape series: Kudo-chan, a singer/songwriter based in Tokyo. This release contains an acoustic guitar and percussion set recorded at Muryoku Muzenji in December 2019, along with a Kudo-chan’s Pink Rotors band set recorded at Kōenji u-Ha in March 2020.

This release is presented on a professionally duplicated high-bias chrome glitter tape with on-body print and a 4 panel J-card.

Artist Profile:

Kudo-chan is a singer-songwriter that wants to go on living without relying on love. She never wants to grow up. She mainly focuses on her solo act, but performs with various support members as Kudo-chan’s Pink Rotors. She’s a company employee.

A1.  君のいる町 (poetry ver.)  The Town Where You Are (poetry ver.)  (1:37)
A2.  ストロベリードリーム  Strawberry Dream  (2:26)
A3.  ドキドキさせて  Make Your Heart Pound  (7:08)
A4.  三番目の女β  A 3rd Girl β  (3:02)
A5.  セプテンバー  September  (5:27)
A6.  ドクターマーチン  Dr. Martens  (2:09)
A7.  嘘でもいいから  Even If It's a Lie  (5:34)
A8.  あなたの彼女がうらやましい  I Envy Your Lover  (4:11)
A9.  君のいる町  The Town Where You Are  (5:02)
A10.  なっちゃん  Nacchan  (2:13)
A11.  天気がいい日は  Let's Buy Chocolate on a Sunny Day  (2:15)
B1.  フレンズ  Friends  (4:55)
B2.  シックスティーンガールフレンド  Sixteen Girlfriend  (4:41)
B3.  僕と下北沢  Shimokitazawa and I  (3:46)
B4.  ニュートン  Newton  (4:25)
B5.  ワンルームパーティー  One Room Party  (5:08)
B6.  三番目の女  A 3rd Girl  (2:27)
B7.  メビウス  Mevius  (6:23)
B8.  君のいる町  The Town Where You Are  (3:58)
B9.  秘密のバラード  Secret Ballad  (4:25)